S.Cushnie Presents | Not Doing Enough!

S.Cushnie Presents Not Doing Enough!

If you don’t  know then I usually make videos with my blog posts. The link is above, so check it out for more context if for some reason you can’t understand!

S.Cushnie Presents Not Doing Enough!

Today is October 18th, 2017, yesterday was the NYC Influencers Preview hosted by CreativesMX.  If you haven’t seen my YouTube video blog about the party click the link above.  Hopefully, you did so that you’re able to understand what I’m about to say here.

Not Doing Enough!

I spoke to this African American man with dreads at the event.  That man really had myself thinking about how I work?  As a young African American man born and raised in Newburgh New York I haven’t seen too many African American superstars in the community.  If you understand where I’m coming here!  The way this guy was talking to me, I felt really small next to him.  He was also from the suburbs but I see that this man was on something else.  I wish I remembered this man’s name.

S.Cushnie Presents

Anyway, I won’t get into the details of our conversation!  Watch my video blog for more context of my conversation, but I can say I needed that.  I needed that talk, I needed for my eyes to be opened to a truth.  The truth is I have been using my disabilities as an excuse for my lack of professionalism.  If I really want to be great I have to work!  I have to be on point with myself, I never want to feel small like the way I felt that night.  I want to thank that man for being on point like that.

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