Hip Hop Culture Talk | Nav vs. bladee (Who started the “sound”)

Hip Hop Culture Talk | Nav vs. bladee

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Hip Hop Culture Talk Nav vs. Bladee has been a heated discussion on my YouTube channel which is Shawn Cushnie! Go and subscribe to my YouTube channel, anyway Nav has came out with a project with Metro Boomin, this guy is a melodic auto-tune user, but as I was listening to him the first thing that came to my mind was bladee!


If you don’t know who bladee is, he is an artist from Sweden, if you remember Yung Lean he formed a group called Sad Boys and he’s a part of that. Bladee has this erie, distinct emo vibe to his music. Over the years it has gotten better and he has his own sound. It’s very distinct you can tell when bladee is on the track.


I’m sure most of you that are reading this know who Nav is but if you don’t then he is an artist from Canada. The Weeknd signed him to his label XO records. This man also has a melodic auto-tune flow, but with his dark, erie, distinct emo sound.


The Twist is that it’s coming from a mainstream perspective; this is for the person that’s going for the money, cars, women, and drugs. The typical content that you would hear from a typical rapper.

Compare and contrast

Honestly the only difference between these two artists is there content.  Bladee speaks for the ordinary person, somebody that might be depressed in a sense this artist is a poet on a Beat. If you are born in the 90s then you know when you was in high school and middle school you had “gothic” kids, as you know these kids listen to emo music.


Nowadays that style of music isn’t popular. it’s not a trend or just straight up no longer exist. Instead of having emo rock there is emo hip hop and bladee with his auto-tune delivery can be the forefront of that sound.


Even though that Nav has the same sound he isn’t speaking to the ordinary person. Nav’s speaking on the behalf of the SoundCloud rapper or the person that can afford that type of lifestyle of the money cars jewelry; the typical rapper lifestyle. So who started the sound? If you’re a casual rap listener, you’re going to say Nav because of his mainstream success, forgetting about who really originated that sound.

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