INFJ Talk | Ghost Mode Erik Thor (Response)

INFJ Talk Ghost Mode Erik Thor (Response)

As you already know I’m an INFJ and I love to learn as much as I can about my personality trait. So I started following this guy named Erik Thor. I really enjoy his content about INFJs and he came up with a topic called Ghost Mode which I’ll be discussing with you.

INFJ Talk Ghost Mode Erik Thor (Response)

Let’s get straight to the point! Now, Ghost Mode, in a nutshell, is just how INFJs like to disappear. I totally agree with his concept here because I am one of those INFJ’s that love to have their own space. If you try to take me away from my comfort of my own space I will be seriously annoyed and unpleasant to be around! Erik goes into further detail stating examples such as social media or friendships and how INFJs deals with them. I’m about to explain to you how I deal with those two examples that Erik gave us.

INFJ Talk Ghost Mode Erik Thor (Response)

First, social media, if you don’t know me in real life you probably will never know exactly what I have going on in my life. Why? Because I’m an introvert, plus I like my space and with having my space a lot of times. I don’t tell you when I want my space I just do it. If you aren’t my friend then I can understand you not liking that and if you are my friend I can understand you not liking that but my friends understand me and allow me to be me. I understand that it’s not the easiest thing to get but you’re hearing it from the horse’s mouth.

INFJ Talk ghost mode erik thor (response)

Second, friendships/relationships, pretty much is the same thing as social media if you are my friend then you kind of let me just be me. And in saying that I butt heads with my friends sometimes because I allow everybody to speak their mind and truly tell me how they feel. This isn’t easy for me because a lot of times I want to correct people for how they feel if I feel like their feelings are wrong but who am I to say that anybody’s feelings are wrong, so I bite my tongue a lot and just listen but at the end of the day nothing really changes because this is who I am. I love my space and sometimes I feel like I don’t need an explanation on why I want my space even though a lot of people want me to explain myself I just don’t.


So after reading this hopefully you get a better understanding about me and other INFJs. Because we are a rare breed in society but this might be able to teach you how to deal with people in general because everybody is emotional and everybody isn’t on your level literally your level is for you not for the next person so think about that when the next time you have a conversation with another person!


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