How Did I Like It?

How Did I Like It | Why I Love Video Games so Much?

How Did I Like It? Why I Love Video Games so Much?

Okay, if you haven’t seen my video blog on this topic! Then I suggest you watch that as well. Link right above!

How Did I Like It? Why I Love Video Games so Much?

Why does Shawn Cushnie love video games so much? Because it was my only friend at one point in my life when I was growing up. When I moved to the town of Newburgh in New York, I wasn’t highly favored by my neighbors. One of my neighbor that was raised to be racist towards African-Americans.  I had a pure soul. I always would try to play with my neighbors but it always winds up getting ugly. My father would tell me numerous of times “do not go and play with those kids they don’t like you”. (Before I go to next paragraph I would like to shout out my father because I had a dad growing up.)

Why I Love Video Games

My father would always coming down the street to talk to the parents about how their kids were treating me. My dad is from the city and he knew that I wasn’t like him. I wasn’t going to go and beat everybody up because that’s not how I was raised. One day after my dad came home from work he gave me a gift and that gift was the PlayStation. Funny thing is I had no idea what a PlayStation was. I never saw a commercial about it. I was shocked! Never would have thought that a PlayStation would be my friend and changed my life. (Like I said watch the video blog to give more context.)

How did i like it

After reading this blog post and watching the video blog if you did then you can get an understanding of my social skills and how I like to operate with people. Seriously, watch the video blog to get more context to what I’m actually saying to you.

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