S.Cushnie Presents I Am Shawn Cushnie #3

S.Cushnie Presents | I Am Shawn Cushnie #3

S.Cushnie Presents I Am Shawn Cushnie #3

Holy shit! Yung Lord’s Adventures episode #3 was a lot bunch of talking. The title of this video blog really says it all, So Much Talking You Can’t Wait For The End. I won’t lie, I messed up the title! I definitely want you to check out my old vlog, the third video ever, I was dropping gems in this video. Trust me, link above! My positive vibe journey started around this time in my life too.

S.Cushnie Presents I Am Shawn Cushnie #3

Okay, if you watched this video you might not have noticed that this is a day by day thing. I started shooting my videos in the morning. I had to figure out what I wanted to say, I pretty much just spoke to the camera as if I was talking to a friend. I had no idea that I was just documenting my mornings. Like I said in the last blog post, document over create! I didn’t think about how I was going to speak, I just wanted to be heard. Remember I wanted you guys to know about Disturb Your Universe, the clothing brand. Which is now a Media Company, I never gave up on the name and the dream. The link to this video is above, I dropped some serious gems!

I used to remember when I to talk a huge amount of shit! I changed that shit talking into positivity with a sense of urgency. I don’t if I speak about quitting marijuana in my vlogs. In this video blog, I mention that I got a 4.0! Also, I was getting an award too. I know hands down if I didn’t stop smoking marijuana I would have never got that 4.0. I can’t remember how that day went but I can tell you this. I won’t forget the moment, plus I like talking about my 4.0!

S.Cushnie Presents I Am Shawn Cushnie #3

In the same scene, I start sharing what I will be wearing for the day. As I am sharing those thoughts about my style I dove into a very important part of the video blog. I talk about not working anymore, which is a complete lie! I must say from watching this old ass video I had a lot of guts with no brain. Anyway, then I proceed to ramble on about clothes. I actually have some good ideas, fellas should definitely rewatch that part of the video blog for clear instructions on how to get fresh.

The last part of this video is all about being the “weird good guy”! This part of the video blog could be the thing that changes your day, a little positive talk for the people that need it. If you watched this far into the video I know that you’re a real one. You’ll become something really special, you must remember that people aren’t always going to understand you. That doesn’t mean you go dark, continue running towards the light.


In conclusion, this is just another old ass video blog that I’ve made. If you want a young black man’s positive vibes then you should watch this. I mean why not, you are reading this blog post. You must care somewhat to understand who I am…

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